Tuesday, February 26, 2019


A new perspective
I recently bought inexpensive extension tubes for my kit lens. I was hoping to capture images from an entirely new perspective. 

All of the photos here were taken from my parents' nearby garden. 

Macro photography is not easy. It is not the lack of subjects, but more the challenge of controlling my shaky hands. I learned the hard way that in macro photography, the smallest of movements can distort and reduce the sharpness of the photos.

So far, this method of photography (if I can call it that) has been the most rewarding for me. With my modest gear, I had to crouch, sneak up and concentrate a lot to focus on the subject or subjects. The crouching is particularly uncomfortable and not good for the knees, but the satisfaction comes after I am able to take a photo that I like after trying to get it several times. 

Monday, February 18, 2019

Into photography

I recently took up photography as a hobby. I bought a camera last year and also completed a short course on photography.

I also started a portfolio type of a website where I plan to virtually place my photos. It is a modest website, that I intend to share with family and friends. I am envisioning this blog and the website as avenues whenever I need to be creative. To be honest, I also see these "projects" as a means to de-stress.

Hopefully, I can keep these two projects to co-exist.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


It is difficult to revive a blog after so many years of not updating it.

At first, I wanted this to be a travel blog, a way for me to write about places I have been to. The goal  back then was to have an avenue to write and gather my thoughts. I started this blog during the time that I was leaving the Philippines to work and live abroad way back in 2009.

Also, a majority of what I wrote here came from my travels as a journalist. I thought back then that writing is also a way for me to fend off boredom, and to make it easier for me to transition as an overseas worker.

A lot has changed since then. I am now based in Manila, and will probably won't go out of the country again to work.

I still write (and edit) for a living, and from time to time, I still pitch news stories as a contributor. A  bulk of my time is spent as a freelance worker, juggling a few writing and editing jobs.

I guess the reason that I want to revive this blog is to continue writing about my travels (and everything in between), beyond the perspective of a journalist.

The dynamics have changed. I now have three (almost) grown up children with my wife of 20-plus years.

I am fortunate that most of the travelling I have been doing is now with the family and I no longer see myself travelling alone or leaving the country anytime soon.